Have Pain? No Problem!

Our unique Acupressure system is meant for you to feel the best on the inside and out so you […]

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Naturally Reduce Stress

Stress can occur in your life from a number of sources. From our Acupressure treatments, your energy will begin […]

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Reclaim Your Freedom

Aches and pains in our bodies and minds can hold you back from living your life to the best […]

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Book an Acupressure Session



For the First Acupressure session when you are a new club member.


A basic Acupressure session for minor aches, pains, and stresses.


An advanced Acupressure session for chronic pain and dis-ease.

Have Pain? No Problem!


Our unique Acupressure system is meant for you to feel the best on the inside and out so you can live your life to the fullest. Whether you are in chronic pain, suffering from stress, trauma, body aches, muscle strain, or disease, our treatments can benefit you on top of your daily routine.

We offer Acupressure Treatments and Acupressure Treatment Packages in our system that help you get rid of pain, stress, and unhealthy feelings in the body and mind. We are certified in Acupressure for health and weight loss if you are going through anything in life. Our system bases from Ancient Chinese medicine techniques and natural healing to help and aid your body to heal on its own.

Some common benefits you can expect just after one of our Acupressure Treatments include:

· Relief from stress & tension

· A more relaxed body & mind

· Increased blood circulation

· A faster removal of toxins in the body

· An increase in energy levels

· Relief from head, neck, shoulder & back ache and

· An overall sense of well-being

We offer you the best Acupressure Treatments for your total improvement of health and spontaneous results.

If you are visiting the island or are a resident of Puerto Rico, you are able to experience a session with us that will make you feel great in your body. If you are through anything in life where you have tried different solutions, get an Acupressure Treatment from us and we will help you sort through what is going on fully.

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Ask Yourself:

Have you been stressed out lately or for days/months/years at a time?

Have you been experiencing anxiety and depression?

Have your relationships been dramatic and short lived?

Are you having troubles sexually?

Have you not been sleeping correctly?

Are you suffering from mental illness or cancer?

Are you looking to lose weight naturally?

We use an acupressure technique and our own system of internal energy healing to stabilize your main body functions and allow you to heal naturally. Almost every human being has energy blockages in their body which create stress, mental illness, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and other life inconsistencies.

Relationship Issues
Sexual Performance Issues
Mental illness
Physical Pain
Chronic Pain
Immune system strengthening
Pain management
Life Planning
Manic Episodes
Hormonal imbalances
Post Injury Therapy
And more

Acupressure Club Puerto Rico

View more information on our acupressure treatment sessions here.